what is the wit method?


A Path to Optimal Fascial Health


  • A system that is mobile, fluid, dynamic, and hydrated.
  • An environment and lifestyle that encourages and supports mobility and flow in your system.


  • Cultivating an ongoing repetitive inquiry with your own system based on attention, awareness, and feedback.
  • Education around the role emotions and stress play in our body and the state of our fascial system.


  • Nothing in our system is static- it is constantly changing and shifting.  
  • Posture should be dynamic and fluid- supported and balanced.  
  • Our system needs to not only be strong and stable, but also mobile and fluid.  Dynamic stability.  


Achieved Through the Integration of Knowledge, Support, and Tools

  • Education around the importance of the fascial system and its role in health and well-being.
  • Ongoing support through a customizable individualized digital experience as well as in person on-site consultations, workshops and classes.
  • Specially designed tools for fascial release, stress relief, and increased body awareness that integrate into your environment, be it at work, at home, at the gym, on your commute, on vacation etc.


Built into your environment and your life- easy, accessible, and repeatable.

  • When you start to pay attention and create an open dialog with your system you have access to feedback that puts you on a path to optimal health.  
  • If you also have knowledge about how your system works, and tools for wellness at your fingertips- you can empower yourself to heal!