What Clients Have To Say

"Kristin is an incredible PT, but I also believe she's an amazing healer and teacher. I'm a former ballerina with quite a history of soft tissue injuries and ensuing compensation injuries, so I'm no stranger to PT. Kristin's worked on my body for the past 8 years, and she stands out from the crowd by treating the body as an entire system. Unless you treat the body as a whole, you miss the chance to truly remedy the actual cause of the symptoms and prevent the cascade of compensation injuries that so often occur during healing. With every injury that Kristin healed for me, I learned about my own body mechanics vs. proper movement, so I could truly heal and strengthen in the long run. I can't recommend Kristin highly enough. She is the silver lining to the cloud of injury, because under her care you'll be healed, educated and back on your feet in a way that should keep you healthy longer." - Lorna Murdock


"Kristin is miracle worker!   I was having a weird problem where my hip felt like it was falling out of the socket every time I tried to walk.  It was very debilitating.  Kristin diagnosed it as a pelvic misalignment (something I would have never thought of!) and fixed me in one session.  She's also been amazing at helping with back pain as well.  Couldn't recommend her more highly as a physical therapist."

--Amy B.  (San Francisco)  



"Kristin met me after 2 knee surgeries and a cortisone injection in my spine. I was pretty much thinking that I would be in pain the rest of my life and was feeling pretty low. My insurance had basically kicked me out of physical therapy. Pain meds made me feel horrible, and I was miserable. 

I began to see her for private Pilates and soon was able to move a little more fluidly. Then she started to work on me with massage and gave me exercises to do. And told me I wouldn't always be in pain, I just needed to get stronger. So I did more exercises. And more massages, not always liking that part so much, because it wasn't the happy let's relax massage. It was trigger point release, and it hurt. But it worked. Because of Kristin's help, I can now be back at work full time as a busy hairstylist and sometimes go out for a casual disco skate or a surf. 

I have sent some of my clients that were hurting her way and they love her too. Thanks so much for your kind words and patience Kristin. I'm so happy to be able to do the things I love again." 

---Jennifer Hofmann



"Some years ago, I think about 2004, due to repetitive stress (from writing and such) my hands were so cramped up that I could not write, I could not tie my own shoes, I could not even button my own buttons.  All Kaiser could suggest was surgery.  Instead, I consulted Kristin, who worked on loosening up the knots; she had the expertise to loosen up tension all the way up my arms to neck, shoulders, and everything else contributing to the congestion and tightness.  In short order, my hands were freed up to move, and she taught me the exercises necessary to keep the mobility she provided me able to continue, which it has for 10 years now.  I highly recommend Kristin for her expertise, her uncanny knowledge of how to open up any and all "stuck" places, as well as to teach those who consult her how to maintain the benefits she offers."

---Deborah B.
San Francisco, CA  


"I do a lot of CrossFit and was having hip pain (likely hip impingement) that prevented me from doing what I love to do. My coach recommended I see Kristin. With one session, the acute pain was gone. Kristin gave me a reasonable list of exercises to do and took the time to explain some body mechanics principles so I understood what was going on. I like that Kristin spends the entire session working on you. She is not the type of PT who stands their telling you to do exercises for an hour, which you promptly forget. Since I train hard, I choose to see Kristin about once a month in maintenance mode. I can't recommend her highly enough. She not only solved my problem, she teaches me a ton about how the body should move and how to improve my movements."  ----- Evy W.



"In a word, Kristin is AMAZING.  There truly is no better physical therapist in the area! She is a very gifted diagnostician and well-rounded body mechanic. Her work is very thorough and incredibly deep and as such, leads to real and long lasting healing. I’ve seen her for a number of both acute and chronic injuries and I always leave in much better shape than when I came in.

Most recently I injured myself training for and running a half marathon. A number of other practitioners evaluated me but offered no real diagnosis or treatment. Kristin took one look at me and knew exactly what was wrong (a torn quadriceps muscle!) and went to work to fix it. The process was slow-going and intense but I now have full use of right leg with no decrease in strength or range of motion and no residual pain. Without Kristin, I might still be limping!

You will not find a more talented physical therapist than Kristin!"  ----- Dr. Elizabeth Korza



"Kristin is AMAZING, and I HIGHLY recommend her!  In 2008, I fell and fractured my tail bone.  The doctor who diagnosed my fracture told me all I could do was let it heal. My sister-in-law, who is a physical therapist in Denver, strongly recommended that I seek help from her colleague and friend Kristin.  She said that I would heal better and potentially faster if I went to physical therapy.  So, I went to see Kristin, and I can’t stop!  I see her for EVERYTHING:  tailbone, knees, hips, shoulder, neck, back…you name it.

When I first saw Kristin for the tailbone fracture, she explained that she needed to do hands on work to prevent scar tissue build-up, and later, she put me on an exercise program to strengthen/regain the muscles around the area.  

There’s nothing comfortable about having someone work on the muscles around your tailbone, and yet, Kristin is always professional and personable, and I never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.  Kristin often digs hard into the muscles, and to be perfectly honest, it hurts, but her technique works for me.  That said, Kristin also knows when to hold back.  There have been a few times when I have gone to Kristin, and she has decided not to manual treat the injury because the area was too flared up for her to perform intensive work on it.  

Kristin is very knowledgeable and always thoroughly explains to me what is going on with my body, and why I should follow a certain path of treatment.  She shows me how to do my home exercise programs and watches me perform the exercises to ensure that I am doing everything correctly and effectively.  

I, like many patients, don’t always do what she tells me, and this year I learned my lesson.  I went to Kristin for knee swelling and pain.  Kristin told me that my main problem was instability in my hips and recommended back and core exercises for pelvic stability and my back.  I did the exercises once in a while, but I was not consistent.  My problem got worse, and I went to the doctor.  He told me exactly what Kristin had told me.  He said I needed to do exercises for pelvic stability and my back.  If only I had listened to Kristin and did the exercises…I would be better by now.  Moral of the story is go to Kristin and listen to everything she says because she knows her stuff!"  --- Gina, SF