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integrated FASCIAL Release

integrated FASCIAL Release

integrated FASCIAL Releaseintegrated FASCIAL Releaseintegrated FASCIAL Release

The wit method- Timing matters


We first have to know where we are to understand where we need to go.  You have to ask the question, and then LISTEN to the answer.


Our fascial system needs to be mobile, dynamic, fluid, and hydrated in order to communicate and function optimally.


Bring all the parts of yourself  (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) together to form a dynamic whole.

We all want to have purpose

We strive to feel a sense of purpose, to add value.  Our physical body is our bridge to this value add in life.  We rely completely on our physical bodies to interact, to relate, to create, to manifest our valuable thoughts and ideas into form.

Our most important tool

In order to achieve wellness and live the life we want to live, we need to feel good in our physical bodies.  In order to create and be inspired, we need to feel whole and fortified.  In order to show up for the people in our lives we need to first show up for ourselves, taking care of the most important tool we have- our bodies.  

When we are in pain

When we are suffering from pain and discomfort we are distracted, worried, and frustrated.  We become stressed out and anxious, tired and unmotivated.  We are less focused, less productive and less engaged.  


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